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Established in 2006, Midwest Wraps has been a staple in the vehicle wrap and graphics industry. Based in Tulsa, OK., Midwest Wraps is the premier vehicle wrap company for any project. We will wrap anything that vinyl will stick to so your imagination is the limit when it comes to wraps and graphics. Our designers will take your ideas and create the ideal design for your marketing needs.


Vehicle wraps don't have to be all about trying to market something either. That's right, we can change the color and look of your vehicle for a fraction of the cost of custom paint! Over the past couple of years custom color change wraps have made a huge impact in the vehicle wrap market. There is a huge variety of films available, chromes, carbon fibers, brushed metals, matte metallics, metallics, gloss finish, matte finish and many others like crushed velvet and embossed reptile patterns. There are about as many possibilities with custom color change wraps as there are flavors of Sonic drinks! Well, almost but there are a lot and we look forward to hearing from you to discuss your wrap needs!

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